Tis the season for singing Christmas carols, giving gifts, and gathering around the fireplace with friends and family. Christmas celebrations can quickly come to a crashing halt, however, if the smoke from the fire light joins your party – instead of leaving up the chimney like it’s supposed to.

Holy Smoke Inc. wants your holidays to be a smashing success, so if you’re experiencing a smoky invasion from your fireplace, count on us to root out the problem and get you back to celebrating.

There are a lot of reasons why smoke might be drifting into your personal space. The key to getting smoke out is figuring out why it is not going out. Here is a list of problems to check for and how to solve them.

The Problem: Your Chimney Damper Is Closed

a wood-burning fire in a fireplace with smoke surrounding itA chimney damper is a handy tool that seals your flue when closed so that outside air stays out and the temps in your home stay consistent when there is no fire in the fireplace. Of course, a sealed chimney will not let smoke out either, which is why opening the damper once a fire is started is still is a must.

Solution: Open your chimney damper

Have you ever spent time searching for something only to realize that it was in your hand the whole time? Sometimes the biggest problems have the easiest solutions. The obvious thing is the thing you should check first. If your damper is pushing smoke into your home, simply open it up and the smoke should start making its out – easy peasy.

The Problem: Your Fireplace Opening Is Too Large

Sometimes the opening to a fireplace is too large for your exhaust vent to effectively move the smoke up. Smoke can then get backed up because the opening for it to escape is smaller than the amount of air being let in through the opening of the fireplace.

Solution: Install fireplace doors or decrease the size of the fireplace opening

There are many ways to decrease the opening of the fireplace and they range in style, cost, and design. The most common way to decrease the size of the fireplace opening is to install glass doors, which will limit the amount of air that gets into the fireplace.

No matter what you decide on, Holy Smoke Inc. can help you out. Or, if you’re not sure, we can help you figure it out, providing you with options that will suit your needs perfectly.

The Problem: Unwanted Animal Residents in Your Chimney

a close up shot of smoke in front of a black backgroundBelieve it or not, Santa isn’t the only thing that has the potential to get stuck in your chimney. Because they are well shielded from rain and snow, chimneys are prime real estate for members of the animal kingdom. Raccoons and squirrels love to build nests and set up their nurseries in chimneys. This can clog the chimney and force smoke to escape the wrong way.

Solution: Get the animals out and have your chimney cleaned

Do not remove wild animals on your own. Call a professional, so that the animal can be removed without hurting you, your property, or the critter itself. Once the animal is out, you will need to get your chimney swept out and all debris removed. Holy Smoke Inc. has a team of techs trained for just such a job.

The Problem: Too Much Creosote Buildup

Creosote is a dangerous compound that sticks to the walls of your chimney and can effectively shrink the opening so that smoke can’t escape. Because it is a byproduct of burning materials it is impossible to keep creosote from entering your chimney. Over time it can buildup and become hazardous to your home by increasing the risk of fire and choking the ability for air to escape.

Solution: Regular routine chimney cleanings

As part of regular maintenance routine, your chimney should be inspected annually and swept of creosote, as needed. As part of the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG), Holy Smoke Inc. is fully equipped to provide you with professional chimney sweeping services that will keep your chimney clog-free and ready for your enjoyment.

The Problem: Negative Home Air Pressure

Many homes are so well insulated and air tight that the only way the used air in the home can be constantly replaced is by pulling it in through the chimney, which can invite some serious problems come time to light things up.

Solution: Open a window or install a vent system

By opening a window you can give your used air the ability to be replaced with fresh air and the pressure in your home should balance. This will allow your chimney to send air out, along with the smoke that is filling your home. Of course, a more permanent solution is to have a ventilation system installed that allows new air in without allowing the warm temperatures of your home out.

Prevent Smoke Backup & Other Hazards by Working With Us

Having a fireplace in your home is not an invitation for smoke to invade. Instead, let the professionals at Holy Smoke Inc. clear the air, so that you can enjoy your holidays to the fullest.

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