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If you want to reduce risk and boost security, annual chimney inspections are a must. If you live in or near Mount Shasta, Howard, Azalea, Upton, Cantara, Mott, Deetz, Shasta Springs, Pierce, Dunsmuir, McCloud, Montague, Weed, Happy Camp, Signal Butte, or Igerna, make sure you’re not neglecting this vital part of chimney maintenance.

There’s no denying that a fireplace enhances the aesthetic of any living space, especially once temperatures drop each year. But if the system isn’t properly maintained, a comfortable, cozy ambiance can turn into a smoke-filled mess before you know it! Because of this, annual inspections are an essential investment for any fireplace owner.

Here at Holy Smoke, Inc., we’re proud to offer three levels of inspections, ensuring you’re taken care of no matter what state your chimney is in. A level 1 inspection is your most basic overview, ensuring all readily available areas of the system are looked over and any signs of damage or blockages are noted.

A level 2 inspection is more exhaustive and uses camera equipment to examine every inch of the flue. These are done during real estate transactions, after a natural disaster or chimney fire, after a change in fuel type or other major renovation, or when your system is performing poorly and you suspect bigger issues.

And level 3 inspections require actually removing parts of your wall or chimney to find hidden hazards that can’t be located or resolved with a level 2 inspection. This sounds a bit scary, but don’t worry too much… These are pretty rare, and we will only recommend them if absolutely necessary.

Why Are Real Estate Chimney Inspections Important?

If you’re buying or selling a home, you probably have a to-do list that’s miles long. Between packing things up, switching all your bills and subscriptions to a new address, scheduling a home inspection, hiring movers, and a whole lot more, moving to a new home is definitely a big, time-consuming event.

So, when we suggest adding a professional level 2 chimney inspection to that list, you may be wondering if it’s actually necessary – especially if you’ve already got your home inspection completed.

Well, here’s the deal with home inspectors. While they are educated on various areas of the home, the chimney is typically not one of their specialties. In fact, they aren’t actually required to check various areas of the chimney or perform a National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) level 2 inspection.

They’ll do a basic overview to spot any obvious signs of buildup or damage, and that’s about it. That means any hidden issues or missing components will likely be missed, and you won’t have the opportunity to work any necessary repairs into the final price of the home or have the previous owner take care of it before the sale is complete.

Long story short, whether it’s the home you’re buying that has a fireplace, the home you’re selling, or both, getting a real estate chimney inspection completed for every chimney involved is a must.

Ready to get started? If you live on Mount Shasta Boulevard, Alma Street, Cedar Street, Jessie Street, Chestnut Street, Orem Street, Alder Street, Ivy Street, Field Street, Carmen Drive, Caroline Avenue, Ski Bowl Drive, Rockfellow Drive, Pine Ridge Avenue, Marjorie Street, Butte Avenue, Shasta Avenue, Smith Street, Gaudenzio Street, Mill Street, Berry Street, Forest Street, McCloud Avenue, or anywhere close by, then it’s time to give our friendly and professional crew a call now!

Our Full List of Chimney, Fireplace & Venting Services

Did your inspection reveal the need for further care? Let us handle that, too. We offer the following chimney & fireplace services:

And remember – just like your chimney needs yearly inspections, your dryer vents should be cleaned out annually, too. We can get this done for you, as well as other dryer vent services, like repairs and vent installation. We strive to be your go-to crew for it all!

How Are Your Gutters Looking?

Now, sometimes homeowners ask… While you’re up on the roof, can you clean out the gutters, too? Because we get these requests now and then, we’ve added gutter cleanings to our service list as well.

Improve Home Security by Working With Us

If you’re looking to enjoy every burning season with the comfort and peace of mind you deserve, don’t hesitate to reach out to our sweeps at 530-285-3841 today. We’d be happy to perform an inspection, then recommend any further repairs or maintenance as needed.

We’ve been to homes in Grenada, Shasta Retreat, Fort Jones, Yreka, Etna, and more, so join our long list of satisfied customers by calling and scheduling your appointment today. We’ll speak with you soon!


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