Get Security & Peace of Mind With a Chimney Inspection or Real Estate Inspection

While no one can 100% guarantee your safety when using a heating appliance in your home, there are some things you can do to increase your security and decrease your risk – and at the top of the list is chimney inspections.

A chimney inspection is a thorough evaluation of the chimney and attached heating appliance – from top to bottom. The point of a chimney inspection is to check for any potential dangers – like creosote buildup, flue blockages, damaged components, a missing liner, or any other issues or concerns that could make using the fireplace, stove, or insert unsafe.

Here at Holy Smoke, Inc., we offer three different levels of inspections (per the National Fire Protection Association 211 Standard), each designed for different needs and circumstances.

Let’s briefly cover them…

Level 1 – What It Is & When It’s Right

Level 1 inspections (as outlined by the NFPA 211 Standard) should include a visual scan of the chimney’s exterior and interior to check for any obvious issues or concerns – like creosote, debris, or blockages in the flue; exterior water damage; and things like that.

If you’ve always kept up with annual inspections and routine service and you haven’t made any changes or noticed any performance changes with your heating appliance, a level 1 inspection is likely sufficient for your system.

Level 2 – What It Is & When It’s Right

Level 2 inspections should include a video scan of the chimney’s flue and a visit to the roof to check the exterior components – like the chimney crown, flashing, and cap – for damage. The benefit of using video equipment to assess the interior of the chimney is that you get a much closer look at the entire flue liner, the smoke chamber, and everything from the firebox to the crown.

Level 2 inspections can be scheduled anytime, but they’re especially important if you are moving into a new home, updating/changing heating appliances, or if you’ve noticed damage or issues with your system. 

Level 3 – What It Is & When It’s Right

Level 3 inspections typically require a little more elbow grease, in that they sometimes demand the removal of nearby walls or components of the chimney system itself.

Level 3 chimney inspections are only necessary in situations where major damage or concerns are present and can’t be fully assessed and resolved with a level 1 or 2 inspection. For example, if you’ve had a chimney fire or a lightning strike, or a serious design flaw or other issue with your chimney system is suspected.

Should Every Homeowner Schedule Annual Chimney Inspections Even if They Don’t Use Their Chimney?

The goal of each inspection is to ensure you know what needs to be done – if anything – to repair or improve your chimney system before you light the first fire of the season. But even if you don’t use your chimney and fireplace, inspections are important because they can alert you to water damage, structural issues, and other concerns that could lead to costly repairs and lower your home’s value over time.

So, even if you haven’t used your chimney in a while and have no plans of using it any time soon, make annual chimney inspections a priority in your home – to protect your peace of mind, your security, and your wallet!

man on a ladder working on chimney of home mountains are seen in the background
Large Arch way living room with newly built hearth and fireplace antlers hanging on the mantel chairs and couch in the room and picture frames on the wall
man on the bucket of a lift is raised above a roof of a home to inspect the chimney

What About a Real Estate Inspection? What’s That & Why Bother?

Another great way to prevent frustration, protect your home investment, and keep you and your family secure is to invest in real estate chimney inspections before moving into a new home. Yes, a home inspector will look at your chimney during a home inspection, but he/she won’t look at all the things we look at.

Home inspectors are trained to have a basic knowledge about a lot of things, but we live and breathe chimneys. Our expert team consists of Certified Chimney Professionals and Certified Chimney Masters, which means we know what to look for beyond the obvious.

At the end of the day, our findings could alert you to big expenses that need to be worked into negotiating costs, so you’re not left wondering how you’ll pay for major chimney repairs on top of buying a new home.

And if your chimney is in great condition and doesn’t need any work done, you’ll have the peace of mind you need to sign the papers with confidence, knowing your family will be secure in the new home.

So, if you’re getting ready for a big move, call on the team at Holy Smoke, Inc. and schedule your real estate inspection. We’re here to make moving less stressful and give you the upper hand.

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Once our chimney and fireplace services crew has done an inspection, they’ll help you schedule your chimney sweeping if you need one.