So you have a fireplace and chimney, but you never use it. You may wonder… Do I really need to have it professionally inspected? Do I need to have it cleaned? What sort of maintenance is really required if I don’t use my chimney?

These are all great questions, and here at Holy Smoke we are experts in all things related to stoves, fireplaces, and chimneys. Our service techs and sweeps are among the best in the business. So, if you’re looking for answers… we’ve got them!

No matter how often you use – or don’t use – your fireplace, annual chimney inspections are still a must.

As far as the question this blog is posing, the answer is a resounding yes. No matter how often you use – or don’t use – your fireplace, annual chimney inspections are still a must. …but why?

Why Are Annual Chimney Inspections Always Important?

There are many reasons that it is important to keep your chimney well-maintained, even if you aren’t using your fireplace. In fact, in some cases, a lack of use can increase the necessary maintenance required. Here are the main reasons why you should make sure you are properly maintaining your chimney, regardless of whether or not it’s getting used.

Flying Debris Accumulation

a red brick chimney with damageThe nature of a chimney is to allow gases from within to escape and get out safely. A properly maintained chimney is going to do this, while at the same time preventing things from getting inside – and if a chimney isn’t being used, it still needs to maintain this.

Sticks, seeds, leaves, and other debris love to find their way into your unused chimney, even when your chimney isn’t close to trees. The elements carry with them materials you wouldn’t expect – and without proper maintenance your chimney becomes a great place for wind and rain to deposit the debris that is tagging along for the ride.

A well-maintained chimney will include components that are designed to keep debris out. Regular inspections guarantee that these components remain in good working order and that debris is kept outside where it belongs.

Risk of Animal Infestation

Animals love warm and dry locations where they can build nests and raise their young, and your chimney is the perfect place for an animal to take up residency – especially if there is never heat and smoke present in it. The walls that make up your chimney provide shelter from wind and rain and provide a comfortable spot for animals to sleep and raise families, all without fear of becoming prey to something bigger.

A well-maintained chimney includes various deterrents for pests. Without regular inspections and maintenance, though, your chimney becomes highly susceptible to taking on unwanted animal guests. These animals leave behind a big mess and lots of unpleasant odors – and they’re notoriously terrible at getting their rent to you on time too.

Natural Deterioration

The components of your chimney are constantly exposed to the elements, like wind, rain, and temperature changes. Wind can wear down surfaces and affect ventilation, while rain poses a threat of erosion and water damage…. And temperature fluctuations contribute to material degradation.

To ensure longevity and performance, proactive maintenance is crucial, including regular inspections, chimney and fireplace repairs, and protective measures – like chimney caps and waterproofing. These are all a must, regardless of how often your fireplace sees use.

Home Value Boosting

a tiny wooden white house with two tan houses in the backgroundLike any part of your home, a lack of maintenance can mean a decrease in home value. Neglecting chimney maintenance can diminish your home’s value in several ways. Visually, a poorly maintained chimney can reduce curb appeal. Additionally, issues like poor draft or creosote buildup can affect efficiency and safety, raising concerns for potential buyers. Safety hazards associated with neglected chimneys further contribute to a decrease in property value.

Future Use

Just because you aren’t using your fireplace right now doesn’t mean that you won’t want to use it in the future. A chimney that is not properly maintained poses a risk when it is used. The purpose and design of a chimney is intentional and built to keep you as safe as possible as you enjoy the warmth and glow of a fire in your home. If your chimney is compromised and you are unaware of it, using a fireplace or wood stove can become very dangerous very fast.

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