What’s Just as Important as a Chimney Liner? The Company That Installs It

There are a lot of important components that make up a chimney system, but arguably the most important is the chimney liner. You see, the chimney liner is the clay tile or metal passageway that carries heat and byproducts of combustion (like smoke and carbon monoxide, for example) up through the flue and out of the home.

As you can imagine, you want smoke, carbon monoxide, and hot ash contained and swiftly removed from the home – the chimney liner makes sure of it. But when damage is present because of age, water, neglect, or creosote, well, that’s when the security and efficiency of the entire chimney system is compromised.

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What types of damage do we commonly find in chimney liners?

  • cracked, broken, or flaking flue tiles
  • cracked or worn-down joints between flue tiles
  • gaps or spaces between flue tiles
  • rusted or corroded areas on metal liners
  • extensive glazed creosote

A lot of chimney liner damage is caused by water, but no matter what the cause, damaged chimney liners should be replaced right away.

Here’s why…

If you use your fireplace or stove and the attached liner is damaged:

  • smoke and carbon monoxide could billow back into your home, exposing you and your family to unhealthy toxins and lung irritants
  • heat and hot ash could access nearby walls and framing, sparking a house fire
  • fireplace performance could suffer, and creosote buildup could worsen

Would You Know if Your Chimney Liner Damaged?

With all the risks associated with a damaged chimney liner, it’s vital that yours remains in great shape. While sometimes performance issues can signal a problem with the chimney liner, it’s not always obvious. So, how do you know if your chimney liner is damaged?

The best way is to follow the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) recommendations and schedule annual chimney inspections with Certified Chimney Professionals. An inspection will get professional, experienced eyes on your flue liner to check for cracks, gaps, rust, or any other possible issues that could threaten the security and performance of your chimney and fireplace.

Inspections are quick, affordable, and one of the best investments you can make into the security and comfort of your home. So, don’t put them off.

Why Else Might You Need Chimney Relining Services?

Of course, damage isn’t the only reason we reline chimneys. Why else might you need your chimney relined?

  • If your liner is the wrong size for your appliance. Math and physics play a role in proper chimney function, and when it comes to your chimney liner, size does matter. If there’s a mismatch between the size of the appliance or fireplace opening and the size of the flue liner, your system won’t perform optimally.
  • If your liner is made of a material that isn’t suitable for your appliance or the fuel you’re burning. Chimney liners come in a variety of materials, but not all are suitable for all fuel types. For example, aluminum liners are not approved for use with wood-burning appliances.

Once again, inspections can alert you to any issues, including sizing or material problems. This is why the NFPA also recommends that homeowners schedule chimney inspections whenever changing hearth appliances or fuel types.

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Leave the Relining Work to Our Certified Chimney Reliners

If an inspection reveals that your chimney is due for a liner swap, let Holy Smoke, Inc. take care of it for you. Our Certified Chimney Reliners are experts at relining chimneys of all types, and we use quality stainless steel insulated liners for boosted efficiency and security.

Stainless steel is approved for use with all fuel types – wood, pellet, gas, and oil – so no matter what type of fuel you’re burning, we can install the perfect liner for the job.

Even better news? When you have your stainless steel liner installed and maintained by our professionals, the manufacturer of your liner will guarantee your liner for a lifetime!

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