How Clean Is Your Chimney? Schedule a Chimney Sweeping With Siskiyou’s Licensed, Insured & Certified Chimney Professionals

After a chilly hike or a day of hard work, there’s nothing like relaxing in front of the fireplace or stove. But for your security and peace of mind, there may be something you need to do before you fire up your hearth appliance and settle in with a good book: schedule a chimney sweeping.

A chimney sweeping is an important service because, with use and time, a highly flammable and corrosive byproduct of combustion called creosote can build up inside the fireplace or stove and the connected chimney.

As creosote builds up, it becomes stickier, harder, and more dangerous. In fact, creosote could ignite and cause a chimney fire. But through routine chimney sweepings, you can reduce your risk and enjoy more carefree fireside experiences.

Another reason chimney sweepings are so important is that chimneys can sometimes get blocked by twigs, leaves, nesting materials, or even fallen flue tiles. A blocked chimney isn’t just a fire hazard – it can also cause smoke and carbon monoxide to flow back into your home. So, if there is a blockage in your flue, it’s vital that you know about it and remove it before you light a fire in your fireplace or stove.

When Should Your Chimney Be Cleaned?

So, how do you know when to have your chimney cleaned? Simple – just call on Holy Smoke, Inc. We’ll perform a chimney inspection, which is recommended every year anyway by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 211 Standard.

If we find a reasonable amount of soot and creosote buildup or any blockages within the flue during our inspection, we’ll then do a chimney sweeping – so you can use your fireplace or stove with peace of mind and greater security. And if it turns out your chimney is good to go and doesn’t yet need a sweeping, still, you’ll have the peace of mind that only comes with getting the eyes of a professional on your chimney system.

Now, you may be wondering what time of year you should have your chimney cleaned… Well, you might not think it, but the best time to schedule inspections and cleanings is during the spring and summer months. Most people aren’t even thinking about their fireplaces or stoves from March to September, so by scheduling then, you’ll get VIP scheduling.

But it’s not just about getting faster, more flexible scheduling – it’s also about knowing about issues and repair needs ahead of time. Scheduling in the spring or summer gives us plenty of time (and good weather) to make any necessary repairs or installations before you need to use your hearth appliance. That way, you’ll be all set and ready to fire up the fireplace at the first sign of cooler weather.

Get the Pro Service You Deserve – We’ve Been Sweeping Siskiyou’s Chimneys for More Than 40 Years

If you live in McCloud, Etna, Grenada, Happy Camp, Montague, or anywhere else in Siskiyou County or Shasta County, and you want to be sure your chimney is clean and ready for use, call on Holy Smoke, Inc. Our team of Certified Chimney Professionals, Certified Chimney Reliners, and Certified Chimney Masters will take great care of you and your home, giving you the comfort and security you deserve.

To request an appointment to have your chimney inspected and cleaned, call 530-285-3841 or reach out to us here on our website. We’re here to help!


No matter what chimney repair you currently require, our experts in chimney and fireplace services will make sure you’re taken care of!