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When you trust in us for your chimney repairs, you can rest easier knowing no stone (or brick) will be left unturned. Join customers in Yreka, Hawkinsville, Montague, Jims Camp, Grenada, Snowden, Swiss Bar, Gottsville, Hooperville, Henley, Little Shasta, Ager, Hornbrook, Fort Jones, Happy Camp, and more by calling on us for all of your chimney, fireplace, and venting needs!

Operating a chimney that is damaged not only leads to a less efficient and more unpleasant fireplace experience… It can also be dangerous! Gaps and holes throughout your masonry can send dangerous fumes and even flames into your home, and if any of your chimney components (like your chimney cap or flashing) are rusted or broken down, you’ll be inviting a whole slew of problems there as well.

Because of this, the sooner you invest in any necessary repairs, the better, and you definitely won’t want to put your system to use if damages are present. Chimney damages are something that should always be promptly addressed, because neglect will only cause them to worsen over time.

In the end, don’t let what could be a relatively easy (and affordable) fix turn into a big, expensive, and time-consuming repair job. Call on us right away and stress less!

What Chimney Repairs Services Does Holy Smoke, Inc. Offer?

So, what chimney repair services do we offer? Here’s a quick rundown.

  • Tuckpointing: Tuckpointing is the process of removing old, crumbled mortar joints and replacing them with new mortar materials. Matching in composition and color is essential here, so this definitely isn’t a DIY job! Call on a pro to get the best-looking and sturdiest results possible.
  • Crown Repair: A broken down crown leaves the sides of your masonry chimney much more vulnerable to water damage. Rather than travel down the sloped edges of the crown and away from your brickwork, rain, snow, and sleet will simply roll down the sides, soak into the masonry, and wreak havoc. If your crown is damaged or made from an inferior mortar mix, get us on the job to get things where they need to be.
  • Flashing Repair: Your chimney flashing consists of metal pieces that protect the area where your chimney and roof meet. Because these two areas are made from different materials, they expand and contract at different rates, making this spot especially vulnerable to water leaks. Without flashing in place, you’ll quickly notice damaged brick, staining on your walls & ceiling, rotted woodwork, and more. But we can make repairs quickly and effectively.
  • Waterproofing: If you’ve spent money investing in masonry repairs, then getting waterproofing services completed is a must. Otherwise, water will simply continue to soak into your brick and mortar, and you’ll be investing in the same repairs again shortly down the line. Waterproofing provides a protective, vapor-permeable seal that keeps your system protected for the long haul.

Our Chimney & Fireplace Services

So, in addition to repairs, what else can we do for your chimney and fireplace? Here’s our full list of services for you to explore:

We also offer dryer vent services, so if your clothes are taking forever to dry or your appliance or laundry room seems unusually hot, then it may be time for a vent cleaning or for some repairs. Don’t put off care, as dirty vents are the leading cause of dryer fires. Rather, give us a call now for protection you deserve!

One Last Thing…

Now, sometimes homeowners ask if we’re able to clean out their gutters since, you know, we spend a lot of time on your roof anyway. That’s why we offer gutter cleaning services in addition to our chimney and venting services! We really can do it all.

We’re Licensed, Insured, & Here for You Every Step of the Way

Our licensed and insured crew is here to serve homeowners in Klamath River, Big Springs, Gazelle, Oakbar, Weed, Dunsmuir, and all of the towns and cities surrounding.

We’ve been to Lennox Street, Hill Street, Sherman Street, Yama Street, Gold Street, Pine Street, North Street, Center Street, Miner Street, Oregon Street, Dexter Street, Main Street, Spring Street, Knapp Street, Oak Street, Cedar Street, Turre Street, Rose Lane, Lawrence Lane, Sunrise Way, Bruce Street, Wendy Drive, Payne Lane, Evergreen Lane, Sutter Street, Yellowhammer Street, and more, and wherever you are, we’ll do everything possible to ensure your fireplace is ready for use every burning season.

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