We Keep Siskiyou’s Dryer Vents Clean & Clear for Your Security, Peace of Mind, & Savings

Clothes dryers are one of the main reasons we’re happy to be living in the time we’re in. The convenience. The comforting warmth of fresh socks from the dryer. The time savings. If you’ve ever been without, then you know how good it is to have a dryer in your home.

But did you know that dirty dryer vents can actually compromise the comfort and security of your home, while also increasing your energy bills, shortening the lifespan of your clothing, and wasting your time? It’s true. Here’s how…

Steel Colored Clothes Dryer with door open and bath towels hanging out
close up of metal dryer vent pipe

How Dirty Dryer Vents Reduce Airflow, Overwork Your Dryer and Cost You Time & Money

Dryer vents are designed to carry the moisture, heat, and carbon monoxide produced by the clothes dryer out of your home. But not every piece of lint and debris gets caught in the lint trap, where it can easily be removed.

Over time, lint can build up inside the dryer vent itself, decreasing airflow and making your dryer work harder to get the job done.

With restricted airflow, you’ll find yourself running repeat loads and waiting longer for your laundry to dry.

Not only that, but this increase in dry times and cycles will lead to higher utility bills and do a number on your dryer – because it’ll be working harder (at higher temps, with less airflow) to sufficiently dry your laundry.

Here’s the thing: if you don’t have your dryer vents cleaned when they need it, you could end up:

  • Wasting money on utilities
  • Needing to purchase a new dryer sooner than you would have otherwise
  • Wearing out clothes sooner than you would have otherwise
  • Waiting for your laundry to dry when you could be doing other things
  • Exposing your family to carbon monoxide, a toxic gas

It’s not worth the risk, especially when the solution is so simple: Just call Holy Smoke, Inc.

How Holy Smoke, Inc.’s Team of Venting Experts Can Help

Our team of venting experts excels in dryer vent cleaning services and can make sure your vents are clean and clear in no time.

We use specialized tools to gently knock lint loose and remove any obstructions, and our HEPA vacuums capture every last bit, so you’re not left with a mess. Before we leave, we’ll check airflow and make sure everything is operating at peak efficiency, for your security and peace of mind.

Call Siskiyou’s Friendly, Professional & Clean Dryer Vent Experts for the Service You Deserve

Whether you have lint buildup, bird nests, or are experiencing other issues with your dryer vents, Holy Smoke, Inc. can help. We clean dryer vents, repair them, install them, and can even reroute poorly designed and installed venting systems. It all starts with an inspection – so call 530-841-1841 or reach out to us on our website to get yours scheduled today. We’re looking forward to it!


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