Holy Smoke, Inc. Keeps Dunsmuir Homeowners Protected From Harmful Creosote

Creosote buildup is the leading cause of chimney fires, which is why regular chimney sweepings are such an important investment. We’ve swept chimneys in Dunsmuir, Shasta Retreat, Castle Crag, Mott, Contara, Dirigo, Azalea, Pierce, Castella, Sweetbriar, Signal Butte, Happy Camp, Grenada, Etna, McCloud, Conant, and more, and we’d be happy to tackle yours, too!

If you own a wood-burning fireplace, stove, or insert, then one thing to be aware of is creosote buildup. What is creosote? Well, as you burn wood, fumes and byproducts from your fires go up through your chimney, where they then cool and condense. The resulting residue that sticks to your inner walls is what we refer to as creosote.

Creosote is black or dark brown, and it can be light and flaky, sticky and tar-textured, or hard, glazed, and glossy (this is known as stage 3 creosote, and it’s the most difficult to remove). It’s also highly flammable, which means the more you have of it, the higher your chances are of experiencing a chimney fire – which is why sweeps urge homeowners to take care of it promptly.

What Are Chimney Fires?

What exactly is a chimney fire? Well, this is what happens when byproducts in the chimney ignite and flames snake their way up your flue, causing a lot of harmful damage along the way. Your masonry is strong and durable, but it’s simply not built to withstand the high temperatures created during a chimney fire (they’re typically around 2000 degrees F). That means your bricks will crack, your mortar will crumble, and your metal components will become warped and damaged.

What’s even more alarming is that the majority of chimney fires occur quietly, so homeowners won’t even know they’ve experienced one! As you can imagine, putting your system to use after an event of this nature is a big no-no, but some do so anyway, simply because they’re unaware they’re facing any risks.

This is a big reason why annual inspections are so encouraged in the chimney industry. You never know what hidden dangers might be present in your flue. And getting a trained professional on the job is imperative. Fortunately, for folks in Siskiyou County, our Certified Chimney Professionals would be happy to help.

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