While Holy Smoke provides the best chimney care around, we are also experts in some other important areas as well. One of these great service offerings is dryer vent cleaning. At Holy Smoke, we’ve seen our fair share of dryers that are not drying clothes efficiently. We may be just the people to help you get the most out of your dryer.

The root cause of dryer drying problems can often be traced back to two key areas – a clogged lint trap and a dirty dryer vent. Cleaning these two areas are crucial for a longer lifespan for your dryer, lower utility bills, and an efficiently working machine.

Cleaning Your Lint Trap

an open dryer with clothes partially hanging outThe lint trap is an essential component of your dryer that helps to catch and remove lint, fluff, and debris from your clothes as they dry. Over time, this lint can accumulate and clog the trap, reducing air flow and making it more difficult for your clothes to dry. 

To clean your lint trap, simply follow these steps:

  1. Remove the lint trap. These are typically located right inside the dryer’s opening or on the top of the dryer.
  2. Use your fingers to remove as much of the lint as possible. Just be careful not to damage the screen.
  3. Put the lint trap back into its spot to ensure it’s ready for future drying cycles.

That’s it! It’s a simple enough task – and well worth the effort if it means faster drying cycles.

It’s also recommended to clean the lint trap after each load of laundry, and to check it regularly for signs of damage or wear. If you notice any tears, holes, or other damage to the lint trap, replace it before putting your dryer to use again to ensure safer and better functioning.

We also recommend thoroughly washing your lint trap every now and then. The tiny spores can get clogged up with miniscule particles that prevent your system from venting correctly. The best way to clear these out with by gently scrubbing the trap with soapy water, rinsing it, then letting it fully dry before putting it back in place.

Invest in Dryer Vent Cleanings

In addition to the lint trap, it’s also important to have your dryer vents regularly cleaned. Over time, lint and debris can accumulate in the vent, reducing air flow and increasing the risk of experiencing a fire or gas leak.

Trust a Professional for the Job

When it comes to dryer vent cleaning, nowadays it isn’t hard to find a DIY kit online. And while cleaning your dryer vent may seem as a relatively simple task according to online tutorials, there are several reasons why this isn’t a good idea – and why hiring a pro to handle the job is the right route to take.

✓ Pros do the job thoroughly and correctly.

When homeowners clean their own dryer vents, areas are bound to get missed – especially if the ducts have twists and turns. In addition. it’s easier than you think to cause damage or accidentally pack the lint, which would increase the risk of fire – in which case you’ll wind up spending a lot more than you would have saved by DIY-ing the job.

Holy Smoke professionals have the proper tools and expertise to thoroughly clean your dryer vent, removing even the most stubborn lint and debris. This helps to ensure that your dryer is working at maximum efficiency and reduces the risk of experiencing any hazards that could put your home at risk.

✓ You avoid any risks or injuries.

Cleaning a dryer vent can be dangerous, especially if you’re not familiar with the process. You may be exposed to fumes and flying lint, which creates health hazards, and moving your dryer and all the hassle involved can increase the risk of injury too.

A professional at Holy Smoke has the experience and equipment to safely clean your dryer vent, reducing the risk of injury or damage to your home.

✓ You save yourself time and stress.

Cleaning a dryer vent can be time-consuming, especially if you’re not familiar with the process. Holy Smoke dryer vent cleaning will save you time and unwanted stress so you can focus on other tasks.

✓ You can dry with peace of mind.

Safety is a huge priority at Holy Smoke. When you hire a professional to clean your dryer vent, you can have peace of mind knowing that the job was done right. This helps to ensure that your dryer is working efficiently and effectively, reducing the risk of fire and saving you money on energy costs.

Why Else Might My Clothes Not Be Drying?

  • Clogged exhaust: a dryer vent exhaust with lint clogging it upIs the area where your fumes exit all clogged up? Take a peek at your exhaust next time you pass by it to make sure lint isn’t building up around this important exit point.
  • Broken or worn machine parts: The drum belt, thermostat, and heating elements are common parts of a dryer that can malfunction or break. While Holy Smoke doesn’t fix broken machines, we can help you pinpoint that your machine is the issue – rather than the vents – and get you on your way to fixing it.
  • Overloading the dryer: Overloading the dryer can cause the clothes to become tangled and not tumble properly, leading to ineffective drying.
  • Incorrect cycle setting: Using the wrong cycle setting, such as a delicate cycle for heavy towels, will typically lead to damp laundry when all is said and done.

It’s important to periodically check your dryer for these and other issues, and to have it serviced by a professional if necessary. Regular maintenance can help to extend the lifespan of your dryer and ensure that it’s working effectively to dry your clothes.

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Regularly cleaning your lint trap and dryer vent is an essential task that should not be overlooked. Regular cleaning helps to keep your dryer working efficiently, reduces the risk of fire, and saves you money on energy costs. While you can do this yourself, consider hiring a professional from Holy Smoke to ensure that the job is done thoroughly and safely. With a well-maintained dryer, you can enjoy fluffy, dry clothes every time!