Most homeowners may wonder when the best time to schedule a chimney sweep and inspection is. Some say it’s better to wait before the next season starts, while others think the opposite. But what do they experts say?

Most sweeps you talk with will say that scheduling your inspection, along with any maintenance, earlier is better. Why? Let’s dig deeper.

The Importance of Sweeping & Inspecting Your Chimney

Sweepings and inspections give you so many benefits that you may not even know about. A clean chimney does not only make your home look and smell more presentable, but it can also provide a safer and cleaner environment for your whole family.

Here are some of the reasons why you should schedule a chimney sweeping and inspection on the early side every year:

  • Avoid Fire Accidents: One of the main reasons why you should clean your chimneys is because it enhances your household’s safety. A dirty chimney can be very dangerous since creosote is combustible. Because of this, chimney fires are more prone to occur if you have excess creosote present.
  • Early Scheduling - Siskiyou County - Holy Smoke cleanKeep Away Animals & Birds: A lot of animals and birds can use your chimney as a shelter for their protection. Trouble is, when they make a home in your chimney, they leave lots of debris like branches, twigs, leaves, and nests which can be a fire hazard. Having a proper chimney cap installed and regular chimney maintenance completed, you will be able to keep these animals outside.
  • Prevent Mold & Water Damage: Chimneys can be a damp and cold place, especially when they’re not used that often. Because of this, mold has the ability to thrive. Once mold and fungus start lingering on your property, the health of you and your family may be at risk. Water is your chimneys number one enemy. It causes damage to the inside and outside of your chimney that you may not even notice. Yearly sweepings and inspections can alert you to changes over time, so you can act on them before they cause significant and costly damage to your chimney.
  • Convenience: Scheduling your chimney cleaning and inspection early before the fall season allows you more flexibility. During the fall and winter months you may need to wait weeks for an appointment, which means delaying the use of your fireplace or wood stove. And if any repairs are needed, you’ll be waiting even longer. By scheduling early, they can be taken care of well before you want to light your first fire. 
  • Minimize Carbon Monoxide Levels: High levels of carbon monoxide can be very dangerous, especially to your health. If your chimney is clogged, carbon monoxide can accumulate more frequently. That’s why it’s important to have your chimney cleaned and inspected annually for any heating appliance you own – no matter the fuel type.
  • Guaranteed Efficiency: The more your system is professionally cared for, the better it will function – and the longer it will last too. If you’re looking to get the most from your system with every passing burning season, annual inspections are a must.

Why Consider a Professional Chimney Sweep?

Working with a professional chimney service company provides countless benefits to your chimney and home. From keeping your household safer from fire accidents to keeping debris and animals out of your chimney, they will work with precision and expertise. Furthermore, hiring a professional can also help you avoid injuring yourself by trying to clean your chimney on your own. Chimneys can be dangerous, so it’s best to leave the maintenance to the pros.

How Often Should You Schedule a Chimney Cleaning?

Early Scheduling - Siskiyou County - Holy Smoke chimneyMany people prefer to get their chimney inspected and swept annually – which is what the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommend as well. Here at Holy Smoke, Inc., we agree. Annual inspections allow us the opportunity to spot issues well before you start putting your system to use, keeping your home more comfortable during the burning season and your family safer.

Contact a Professional Now

If you live in Northern CA and want to schedule an early chimney sweeping and inspection, then work with us at Holy Smoke Inc. Chimney & Fireplace Specialists. We believe that everyone deserves a clean and safe chimney to protect them not just from the cold, but for enhancing the ambiance of their space, as well. Booking an early spot for your chimney maintenance is very important to ensure your whole household’s safety and peace of mind.

At Holy Smoke Inc. Chimney & Fireplace Specialists, we offer a wide range of services like chimney relining, chimney repairs, and so much more. If your inspection reveals the need for further maintenance, our techs have got your back! Our goal is to bring warmth and security to every home. Get in touch with us, so we can schedule your early chimney cleaning and inspection today.